Meyers: Trump Calling Hillary a Criminal Is a Textbook Case of Projection

‘The ringleader of a criminal enterprise’


MEYERS: "I mean, look at Rudy Giuliani. In every interview, he looks like — it’s every interview. He looks like he just accidently sat on his own balls. “Did the president obstruct justice?” “Oh, come on, Rudy. Swing forward, then sit.” Well that’s advice for everyone. So just to recap, the president’s ex-campaign chairman is on trial for money laundering. His deputy campaign chairman confessed to crimes. His earliest congressional backer was indicted for insider trading. His ex-lawyer is being investigated for tax fraud. His commerce secretary is accused of stealing $120 million, and his lawyers admit he can’t tell the truth under oath. At this point, trump isn’t even really the president. I would say he’s more like — "
TRUMP [clip]: "The ringleader of a criminal enterprise."
MEYERS: "This has been “A closer look” everybody."

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