Colbert: How Does Trump Keep up His Pace in Lying? Does He Wear the ‘Fibbit?’

‘Meanwhile, Trump remains on vacation but it’s a working vacation because he’s still lying’


KIMMEL: "Meanwhile, Trump remains on vacation but it’s a working vacation because he’s still lying. According to one reporter’s tally trump made 132 false claims last week, which is averaging 19 false claims a day, almost five times his average. Wow. That is impressive. How does he keep up that pace. Does he wear some sort of wrist tracker, the fib-bit? Hold on, hold on, yep, I got an alert. Hold on, guys, I got an alert. I got to get my lies in, okay, I am the tallest president ever, Lincoln was tiny, you know that picture on the penny, it’s life-sized. Okay. I close my rings, great, we can move on. And he’s working on some fresh material including major new lies about car plants opening in Pennsylvania, none are, and that justice Neal Gorsuch was number one in his class at Harvard, Gorsuch wasn’t close. Not to mention his most glaring lie of all, saying don, Jr. Is wonderful. With his tendency too cheat on facts it is no wonder trump’s lawyers don’t want the president to sit down for an interview with special counsel Robert Mueller and the folks on fox News agree."

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