Tapper: Trump’s ‘Signaling He Could Be Taking Some Sort of Move Against the Special Counsel Investigation’

‘It was eight days ago that the president tweeted that attorney general Jeff Sessions should stop the Mueller investigation’


TAPPER: "Good afternoon, everyone. We begin with the politics lead. President Trump seemingly signaling he could be taking some sort of move against the Special Counsel Investigation tweeting out a series of debunked claims about the probe before writing 'Stay tuned!' It was eight days ago that the President tweeted that attorney general Jeff Sessions should stop the Mueller investigation. Keep in mind this President did fire the then FBI director with the Russia probe foremost on his mind. We could hear directly from the President as he is hosting a round table event from New Jersey and also possibly factoring in the stand off between him and Mueller about whether the President will ever sit for an interview. Rudy Giuliani saying the President will not answer Mueller’s questions about his decision to fire Comey or any request that Mueller lay off Michael Flynn. Is the White House offering any clarity on what the President meant when he said 'Stay Tuned!' So many people in D.C. worried he will order an end to the Mueller probe. As Speaker Ryan told the New York Times, the president likes to troll us."


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