Flashback: CNN Questions Chris Collins About Innate Immunotherapeutics

On January 23, 2017, Wolf Blitzer questioned Rep. Chris Collins (R-NY) about Innate Immunotherapeutics


COLLINS: "No, absolutely not. There was nothing done that was insider trading or unethical. I've been involved with Innate Immunotherapeutics in New Zealand and Australia for almost 15 years. I'm the largest shareholder and I talked about it all the time, just like you would talk about your children. We're bringing to market at some point the only drug that could treat secondary progressive multiple sclerosis, the most debilitating disease there is with no treatment today. It's probably what I am most proud of, I talk about it breakfast , lunch and dinner, like I do with my kids and my wife. And so, certainly many folks I've talked about it, he was one of the few who then went in, because it's a public company in Australia, researched it, liked what he saw and decided on his own to make an investment."

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