Dershowitz on Trump Testifying: His Attorneys Will Make Mueller an Offer He Can’t Accept

‘And in the end Mueller will say I can’t accept this offer so we’ll subpoena you’


DERSHOWITZ: "The president wants to testify, his lawyers don’t want him to testify. So the lawyers are going to set up a series of conditions to put it in terms of the Godfather, they are going to make Mueller an offer he can’t accept. And in the end Mueller will say, 'Look, I can’t accept this offer, so we’ll subpoena you.' The president will be able to say, 'Look, I wanted to testify, it was Mueller who turned me down. I wanted to tell the American people what happened.' And then there will be a fight over the subpoena. And that fight will end up months from now as a draw. The president will win some issues, he won’t be able to be questioned about why he fired Comey. He won’t be able to be questioned about other issues governed by Article 2 of the Constitution, but he will be able to be asked about questions involving meetings in the Trump Tower before the election, involving his son. So in the end it will end up postponing the report because either Mueller will have to say in the report the president wouldn’t do it and therefore he should infer guilt from that, or we'll have to wait until he resolves these issues in front of judges. So, I think that is the strategy that seems to be emerging and it seems like a clever strategy."

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