Danny O’Connor: ‘No, I Won’t Support’ Nancy Pelosi

‘And we really need new leadership’


SCARBOROUGH: "So Danny, there’s a question about Nancy Pelosi and whether you would support her as speaker. Some people had said that you bungled the question the second time it was asked. It seems like you clarified it. But just so we have it on the record, if you become Ohio 12’s congressman when they go around at the beginning of the next session, will you vote for Nancy Pelosi to be your speaker of the House?"
O'CONNOR: "No, I won’t. And we really need new leadership, because what we’ve seen in Washington — and I think this was demonstrated last night, is that the same old politics aren’t working. The desire to fight things out in the partisan nature instead of being pragmatic and finding solutions isn’t getting the job done for working families. And I think that’s why we’re having so much success here and why we're convincing so many people to support our new version of leadership is because people recognize that we need to have change in Washington. They recognize that I’m someone who wants to get the job done for their family."

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