MSNBC: YouTube, Apple, Facebook Ban Alex Jones

‘Alex Jones is a liar and now the conspiracy theorist is getting cut off’


TUR: "Alex Jones is a liar and now the conspiracy theorist is getting cut off. Facebook and YouTube now join Apple and Spotify in refusing to allow Jones a platform. Joining me NBC’s Jo Ling Kent. Jo, you cover social media, you cover business for us. Why are these companies doing this now?"
KENT: "Well, they are trying to cut off this spread of conspiracy theories. But I want to tell you, we did a little bit of digging around the Apple story. Yes, the podcast, the library of podcasts from 'Infowars' and Alex Jones have been taken down. However, the 'Infowars' official app is still available on the app store. We have reached out to Apple to ask why this is the case, why apply one standard it the podcast and something else to the app. So we are waiting for an answer on that front."

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