Frank Bruni: I Guarantee You Trump Did Not Ask Nat’l Security Officials To Go Out and Speak Out on Russia

‘The good thing is they would never have done that without his permission’


BRUNI: "It’s a tug of war within the administration, I think it’s been going on for a long time. Donald Trump is all over the place, it is the Russians, it isn’t the Russians, it’s a 400 pound person. We’ve heard almost everything. The people around him, the more steady people around him, the people that were at the white House briefing room yesterday in that extraordinary assemblage that you saw, they get this and they’re steady on it and certain about it. I guarantee you that Donald Trump did not ask them to go out and do that, but the good thing is they would never have done that without his permission. So for that moment in time and it means there are moments in time he did understand the graffiti of this, he did understand that his White House, his administration has to be sending a message to the American people that he gets it, but of course he gets it momentarily and then later on —"

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