Sharpton: Eric Garner Would Have Been Treated Differently if He Weren’t Black

‘If he were of a different race ... would he have been treated a different way?’

SHARPTON: "But that's the point when you're bring up race. And she has tried to say, 'I don't want to deal with race as the issue, but couldn't they treat [him] differently.' If he was of a different race, with the same background -- no one is trying to sugar coat anyone's background -- would he have been treated the same way? And that's what we're talking about. You cannot have a broken windows policing.

If you have broken training, broken accountability, and police that claim that I have the right to bring you down, and then later say, it's resisting, even when a video tape says is not. So we are not talking about making victims sense but we're talking about not giving a pass to police who do what's wrong. You can't have two wrongs and make one civil right."


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