Scarborough: Steve Scalise Is Working to ‘Subvert’ an Investigation of Someone Who Tried to Undermine American Democracy

‘That is a Republican leader who is actually working hard to subvert an investigation that already indicted several dozen Russians’


SCARBOROUGH: "Somebody needs to tell the base the truth and you can do that, you can go to town hall meetings and actually tell the base the truth. They ought to try it sometime. You have, again, with Donald Trump, you have him capitulating to terror states, and then you have Steve Scalise actually joining in. Somebody in the Republican majority joining in, signing on to impeach Rod Rosenstein because they’re trying to get to the bottom of Vladimir Putin and his attempts to undermine American democracy. Well, that is a Republican leader. Not a backbencher. That is a Republican leader who is actually working hard to subvert and investigation that has already indicted several dozen Russians, and we have the — the U.S. Military, the U.S. intel community has the goods on the Russians. They tried to subvert American democracy in 2016. And Steve Scalise is signing on with Freedom Caucus backbenchers to try to actually subvert an investigation over someone actually trying to undermine American democracy?"

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