S.E. Cupp Takes on the Cohen-Trump-Giuliani Dogpile: Trust ‘No One,’ All Three Are ‘Bullies and Liars’

‘He once said he would take a bullet for trump’


CUPP: "He famously demands loyalty from those around him but shows little when the hip cans are down. There is no one higher up in the universe beside as family member whom the president could turn on besides his lawyer, fixer, Cohen. He once said he would take a bullet for trump and is now singing like a canary. Cohen levels new accusations against the president late last week claiming that trump had advanced knowledge of the infamous Trump Tower meeting at which don Jr. And several campaign officials were promised damaging information by Russians, mostly ties to the Kremlin. And repeatedly denied any knowledge of that meeting. This comes on the heels of a release of a tape that Cohen and then candidate trump can be heard discussing hush money to a playboy model who alleges she has an affair with him. That’s one of hundreds of tapes seized from Cohen. And Cohen is now getting the full trump treatment. The president and his allies have been feverishly trying to discredit Cohen, painting him as a manipulator and liar and man trying to find a way out of his own trouble. Rudy Giuliani went nuclear."

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