Penny Lee: ‘Risky Strategy’ for Trump to Actively Say He Will Shut Down Gov’t

‘This is not what Americans want’


PERINO: "The President making big news on that. We’ll pause now to let our stations across the country get back to their regular programming, this is Dana Perino at Fox News. Okay. We’re back here. The President making the news about the shut down. I just want to show you something. We have more here on the big board. Last January, the Democrats did shut down the government. Then they quickly backtracked. If you look at these headlines, we have Schumer’s Democrats using a pile of mist to support his shut down. Did the Democrats learn the hard way? The Democrats ended it because they lost their spine, etc. It goes on and on. We could have gone all the way around the room on that. Penny Lee, do you think that the President Trump would have a different outcome if he were to shut down the government over this?"

LEE: "He’s the one declaring he would shut it down unlike the Democrats in the past that did force it. So it all goes to those that make that action. It’s a risky strategy. We saw that back in 1994 when Newt Gingrich shut down the government, it backfired on them. This is not what Americans want. For the President to actively say he will shut it down, that’s a risky strategy going into the elections in November."

PERINO: "Dana: Yet he has good political instincts. He’s telling the members of Congress, if you don’t want to run on the great economy, then run on immigration. Take a listen to what Ron Johnson and Steve Stivers had to say. Here’s what they said yesterday."

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