Dershowitz: It Looks Like Michael Cohen Is Going to Flip, and He Will Be Squeezed

‘Looks like Michael Cohen is going to flip’


SMITH: "Michael Cohen, the president’s former lawyer, still big time in the news. You see the headlines everywhere. Rudy Giuliani is still going after him and here is one of his latest about recording the client and the offense. Watch."
[clip starts]
GIULIANI: "I found out, as everyone else did, that he was surreptitiously recording his clients, which is a disbarrable offense. obviously if I knew that, I would never have said he's a reputable lawyer. I'd have said he was a scoundrel."
[clip ends]
SMITH: "So Alan, Rudy Giuliani continues to take aim at Michel Cohen's credibility."
DERSHOWITZ: "Well I think that’s the play now, because it looks like Michael Cohen is going to flip, and he will be squeezed. And the fear —"

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