Gingrich: ‘The Obama Team Did a Great Job If You Love Food Stamps’

‘The truth is the Trump team is opposite’


GINGRICH: "You have a whole bunch of Democrats who are either college professors or lawyers who don’t have a clue who have never created a job, who have a theory that they call socialism, which is basically big government bureaucrats running your life. They openly despise business and attack business all the time. And then they are surprised that that doesn’t encourage people to create jobs. Then you get a brand new president who is a businessman himself, an entrepreneur, a job creator, he gets the process. He believes in you keeping the money you create, so you actually have an interest in going out. Small businesses spring up all over the country. We were just out visiting my mother-in-law in Wisconsin. Every small town you go through has signs up help wanted. And I think that this is such a huge change from the Obama years where there were no economic growth. The Obama team did a great job if you love food stamps and a terrible job if you love jobs. The truth is the Trump team is opposite." 

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