Matt Gaetz on Conservatives Being Shadow-Banned on Twitter: ‘One Hell of a Coincidence’

‘I am certain there were only 4 members of Congress who had their voices suppressed on Twitter’


CARLSON: "Twitter has long denied it is biassed against conservative accounts. That’s obviously a lie. It’s always been a lie. And now it’s a proven lie. The new report by Vice found the Republican lawmakers under conservative accounts would not show up in the search bar when users searched for them. That’s censorship and it was intentional. Congressman Matt Gaetz of Florida was one of those conservatives shadowbanned by Twitter. He just filed a complaint against the company with the Federal Election Commission. Congressman Gaetz joins us. Thanks for coming on."

GAETZ: "Good to be with you, Tucker."

CARLSON: "First, as a factual question, you are certain this happened to you and it was intentional?"

GAETZ: "Well, I am certain there were only 4 members of Congress who had their voices suppressed on Twitter. Matt Gaetz, Jim Jordan, Mark Meadows, and Devin Nunes. That would be one hell of a coincidence. My suspicion is that if people were effectively communicating a conservative message, they got caught in Twitter’s troll trap. The reason I think that’s illegal is because it gives advantages to our political opponents and gives them access to the platform that we don’t have. If Twitter was a billboard company, and they gave Democrats access to their billboards and not Republicans, that would be an illegal corporate donation to the campaigns of Democrats. Here, instead of the billboard, it’s the auto fill-in function as a part of Twitter's search feature that was not available to me, Devin Nunes, Mark Meadows, or Jim Jordan, and it’s available to Democrats."

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