Coulter on Garner: ‘Do Not Stand Between a Liberal and His Taxes’

‘The Garner case is almost everything the left falsely said about Mike Brown’

Coulter on Garner: "Do Not Stand Between A Liberal And His Taxes" (RealClearPolitics)

ANN COULTER: This is nonsense this had anything to do with race. This is a tax case. It was Bloomberg insists on we're going to deploy the police to collect taxes because they need to pay the pensions of their public sector union buddies. Bloomberg starts arresting all these people. And notice which case did the left, did the MSNBC, did the New York Times obsess with? Everyone who has seen that tape of Eric Garner says, oh, my gosh, they have five cops for untaxed cigarettes? But that's not the case The New York Times is interested in. And that's not the case that MSNBC's interested in. No, it's a guy whose in Ferguson who's trying to kill a cop. 

I mean, the Garner case is almost everything the left falsely said about Mike Brown. He really does seem to be a gentle giant. Oh, he had 31 arrests. Yeah, they're all for selling untaxed cigarettes. Notice that the left wing, you'll never see fascism like a liberal trying to collect taxes... I can prove it's has nothing to do with race. Usually it's Indians the cops are roughing up for selling untaxed cigarettes...

And if we knew -- if instead of selling untaxed cigarettes Eric Garner has been accused or guilty of assault, a rape, well then you wouldn't say that was undue force. What is shocking about that videotape is, are you kidding me? This is for selling untaxed cigarettes? Do not stand between a liberal and his taxes because that's how they pay for their beloved public sector unions and their ridiculous pensions...

This is the shocking part about this story. And to say that this wouldn't have happened if he was white. No, I will correct you because usually it's Indians because they're allowed to sell untaxed cigarettes on reservations. But, oh, we have to make sure you're only selling to other Indians. There have been huge busts, there have been cops roughing up Indians in the past. I was looking up cases today on Nexus. This is not something new. This is standing between a liberal and collecting taxes. And wasn't The New York Times and MSNBC going more on this case than on a really not very good case from the beginning with Mike Brown in Ferguson? You saw that tape of him roughing up the poor clerk from the moment anybody saw that. 

This is actually a lovely family. The stepfather was a molecular opposite of Mike Brown's father, stepfather. The stepfather in Ferguson yelling "burn this B---- down" immediately after the verdict to an angry crowd. And by the way, they did burn the b---- down. Compared to the stepfather last night who was absolutely magnificent. What a lovely man. He said, 'I do not want to see any violence that would not honor my stepson's memory.' Why are we fixating on this? Because of taxes...

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