Lawrence O’Donnell: Michael Cohen Version of the Dialogue puts Puts Trump in a Conspiratoral Mode

‘Michael Cohen version of the dialogue might include Donald Trump approving of it and saying, yes, let’s do this’


O'DONNELL: "Yeah, it’s huge. Because there’s a — part of the reporting on this indicates that we don’t have the dialogue yet, but the Michael Cohen version of the dialogue might include Donald Trump approving of it and saying, 'Yes, let’s do this.' But when you’re presenting something to the boss and the boss says that’s a great idea, that is the same thing as a formal go ahead approval. So that puts Donald Trump in a conspiratorial mode on this issue before the fact, which is the very essence of what Robert Mueller was assigned to investigate and try to find. It is without question, that evidence on its face, if it was supported, would be an impeachable offense. That would be an article of impeachment, no question about it. Whether it gets over the line in a courtroom is another matter and it has always been another matter. People have to separate channels in their heads about a prosecutable offense in a federal court as opposed to impeachable which is very different. But this is going to come down to the other people in the room, we don’t yet know who those people are."

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