Jonathan Turley: Cohen Tape Suggests Trump Knew About 2016 Payment to Model Alleging Affair

‘The alleged relationship was longer, making her possible story more damaging’


TURLEY: "More importantly, the way that this played out is more damaging. You have this individual, David Pecker, buying the story, then burying it. You now have the suggestion that he would then transfer that to a Trump, you know, corporation that didn’t have any fingerprints, according to Cohen’s account. And that all does re-enforce the sort of campaign finance violation theory. I don’t think that this is as exculpatory as Giuliani makes out. I don’t believe that it is establishing a crime either, but it does add sort of tiles to this mosaic for a campaign finance violation. It shows a concern about keeping things quiet for a few weeks, using these types of mechanisms to bury stories and it makes Pecker look really bad in terms of his willingness, according to this tape, he’s obviously not saying anything like this, but the perceived willingness to sell this to basically a shield corporation."

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