Ex-Fox News Analyst Ralph Peters: Trump May Be Crazy, But He’s a ‘Genius at Propaganda’

‘Trump is a master of the classic big lie’


PETERS: "It plays to his base. And Trump is a master of the classic big lie. Don’t tell little lies, you’ll get caught. Tell big lies, outrageous lies, and repeat them again and again and reenforce them with these really simple slogans that we also mock. ‘Fake news, deep state, media is the enemy of the people.’ And it works because he repeats it again and again and again and again until his followers respond automatically. You say ‘Mueller investigation’ to a core Trump supporter, and he or she will immediately say ‘Deep State.’ It’s a form of brainwashing. And frankly, Ari, we are helping even by talking about it tonight.”

(Via Mediaite)

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