Gen. Jack Keane: Trump Is ‘the First President That’s Pushing Back’ on Iran

‘The fact is that Iran has had a brilliant strategy by using proxies to do their bidding for them’


KEANE:"Yeah, well, I don’t do much analysis of the president’s tweets, I mean, I think they are out there to inform the American people. But when you look at — at the policies of this administration, I mean, to be frank about it, this is the first administration that’s pushed back on Iran from 1980, 38 years, whether it’s been Republican or Democrat there, the fact is that Iran has had a brilliant strategy that have executed to some degree of success by using proxies to do their bidding for them. And by using proxies it sort of paralyzed our decision make to go take adverse action against them. And that’s why they are in Lebanon with 130 rockets pointed at -- rockets and missiles pointed at Israel, that’s why they now have secured pretty much most of Syria, not all of it, but pretty close and that’s strategic anchor in Middle East."

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