Trump: ‘Thank Goodness for ICE, The Democrats Want to Abandon ICE’

‘They are too strong, I saw one of the people say they are too strong’


TRUMP: "And ICE, ICE, oh, ICE. Thank goodness for ICE. (Applause) Because we have some of the worst drug dealers, terrorists, criminals and MS-13 gang members, and we are either throwing them the hell in jail or throwing them out of our country. And ICE goes up there and they walk in like it’s another day in the office. Thank goodness for ICE. (Cheering and Applause) The Democrats want to abandon ICE. They want to end at ICE. They are too strong, I saw one of the people say they are too strong. They are too strong. I think MS-13 is strong, too. The only thing they understand is strength, they don’t understand anything but strength. And ICE is tough and smart, and they track them down and they stop tremendous amount of crime. And these are great people, and they are not being treated properly.” (Applause)

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