Rick Wilson: If Obama Had Revoked Michael Flynn’s Clearance, GOP Would Have Tried to Lynch Obama

‘They would have lynched Obama’


LEMON: "Rick, I hate to do this, but it’s the God’s honest truth. What if President Obama had revoked General Michael Flynn’s security clearance for leading the 'Lock her up' chants against Hillary Clinton? How do you think Trump would have reacted?"
WILSON: "Republicans would have strung a noose over a tree outside the White House and been down there with pitchforks and torches screaming for his immediate removal from office. That's what would have happened. They would have gone absolutely out of their damn minds."
RYAN: "You did the scenario of lynching, basically."
WILSON: "April, I’m telling you those people would have lost their damn minds."
RYAN: "You basically created a scenario of lynching, so just say it. You just said it. They would have lynched Obama."

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