Scarborough: This Is the Most Corrupt Administration in Modern History

‘Donald Trump actually disregarded 50, 60 years of U.S. foreign policy’


SCARBOROUGH: "And then, of course, there is Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross who continues on in his role after admitting to holding on to stocks that he told the Office of Government Ethics that he had divested from, including companies linked to Russia and China. And Carl Icahn resigned from an advisory position ahead of a 'New Yorker' article alleging that he had been pushing to change a rule that had a negative impact on his energy investments. And, of course, the list could go on and on and on. And, Willie, again, we know it’s a distraction from the fact that Donald Trump acted like Putin’s dupe when he was in Helsinki. That Donald Trump actually disregarded 50, 60 years of U.S. foreign policy and adopted basically what the old K.G.B.’s line was in the Soviet Union. We know it’s all for a distraction, but you think they could do a better job than throwing something out there that only turns the attention back to just how this is the most corrupt administration in modern history."

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