Ben Carson: Obama Should Stay out of Ferguson

‘Had I been him, I probably wouldn’t have gotten involved [in Ferguson] in the first place’

BLITZER: “What do you think about the role that President Obama has been playing since the Ferguson crisis erupted? How’s he handled this as the president of the United States?”
CARSON: “Well, you know, the president has to uphold the rule of law. And I think he has tried to do that, you know, certainly since the verdict came out. I probably — had I been him, would not have gotten involved in the first place. We have to allow our system to work without biasing things. And we really should never take sides in these issues while the legal process is in the process of playing out.”
BLITZER: “You’ve suggested that the president has made race relations in America worse over his past — the past six years. I want you to briefly explain why you would say that.”
CARSON: “I said that race relationships have gotten worse during his time. I don’t blame it all on him. But I do think that there is a problem when you weigh in on situations like what happened with Dr. Henry Louis Gates and saying that the police acted badly. Why not let that system play itself out and let the — let the system take care of that rather than weighing in and creating prejudice in an effort like that? The same thing with the Trayvon Martin thing. You really must, particularly as the commander in chief, be level headed and even handed and always upholding the rule of law. Once we lose the rule of law and chaos ensues, you know, that is not going to be the kind of country that any of us wants to live in. And the president is the chief law enforcement officer.”

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