Rep. McCarthy Rips Dems for Calling to Abolish ICE: ‘The Dangers These Officers Face Are No Joke’

‘I will stand with them, even if it means standing up against a new socialist Democratic Party’


McCARTHY: "And I’m not sure exactly what the author wanted to do when he put his bill across the aisle and asked other members of his own conference to co-sponsor it when he said he would vote no when he had the offer to bring it up on the floor. Does that mean every bill Democrats put across, they really don’t want to support? I’m just not sure. Now, we are about to vote on a resolution of the opposite. We want to support the law enforcement officers of I.C.E. and we’ll renounce the activist campaign against them. The dangers these officers face are no joke. So for those in the back who would like to speak, Mr. Speaker, during this, I would ask they get quiet for one moment, because six officers of I.C.E. lost their lives defending those. The danger is real."

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