Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Struggles to Define ‘Democratic Socialism’ for Jorge Ramos

‘Well, this is a...what we’re talking about is...democratic socialism’

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Struggles to Define 'Democratic Socialism' for Jorge Ramos (NewsBusters)

Fresh off off her stunning Democratic congressional primary victory over entrenched incombent Joe Crowley (NY-14), Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez appeared on Univision's Sunday public affairs show, Al Punto- an interview as predictable for its fawning as for the candidate's struggle to articulate preferred policy outcomes.

Here's how Ocasio-Cortez (also known as AOC) fielded an easy toss from host Jorge Ramos, intended to give her an opportunity to describe Sandernista "democratic socialism" from the murderous Castro regime:

JORGE RAMOS: Alexandria, what is a socialist like in 2018? And let me put that in context. There are many people here in the United States that -when they think about socialism- they compare it to the communism of the former Soviet Union. Why is your socialism so different from those history lessons?

ALEXANDRIA OCASIO-CORTEZ: Well, this is a...what we’re talking about is...democratic socialism. And that is something very different because what we are talking about is only a guarantee families can have stable housing, educational stability and opportunity for their children, as well as for healthcare insurance in the United States. Those, for me, are basic rights in the 2018 economy. That’s...that’s it and it’s not much more, and not much less.

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