NBC’s Engel: ISIS Leader’s Wife and Child Could Be Swapped for Hostages

‘She is still in custody... and may also be potentially used as a bargaining chip to swap for hostages’

"Lebanese security officials tell NBC News that a woman they identified as Sasha al-Dumani and a young child were detained in Lebanon nine days ago. They were picked up while trying to enter Lebanon. They had false identification papers and they were reportedly arrested in coordination with a unspecified foreign intelligence agency. Al-Dulemi is an Iraqi national and there is some speculation that the Lebanese had help from the Iraqi government. It is unclear how much intelligence Al-Dulemi may have. She’s one of three known wives of al-Baghdadi. But she is still in custody and has a potential to have a great deal of information about the inner circle of the ISIS leadership. She could also be potentially used as a bargaining chip to swap for hostages.”

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