York: Trump ‘Doesn’t Recognize that There Are Two Parts to the Trump/Russia Investigation’

‘It appears that the president believes if he concedes even a little bit on the what Russia did part, then his adversaries will use it against him’


YORK: "Well, the basic reason — he has done this on a number of earlier occasions, is that he doesn’t recognize that there are two parts to the Trump/Russia investigation. The first part is the 'what Russia did' part, which is the investigation into Russia’s efforts to influence or interfere in the 2016 election and there is consensus about those Russian efforts between the House Intelligence Committee, the Senate Intelligence Committee, the intelligence community and now Robert Mueller. But the second part of the investigation is the 'get Trump part' and that is his adversaries, his political adversaries trying to use this investigation to remove him from office. So he tends to focus on the latter and not really admit the former. It appears that the president believes, if he concedes even a little bit on the ‘what Russia did’ part, then his adversaries will use it against him in the 'get Trump' part of the investigation."

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