Bre Payton: When Cable News Gives Airtime to Tinfoil Hat Conspiracists Trump Committed Treason that Discredits Them

‘When they go extreme, it makes people say I will not listen to you’


PAYTON: "And I think that his critics, including members of the media in this, should stick to pointing out the obvious, which is that Donald Trump missed an opportunity to speak truth to power and stand up to one of the world’s biggest bullies and put America’s interests first. I think we can all agree that this was a big failure on Donald Trump’s part, but I think that when cable news media outlets give airtime to tinfoil hat conspiracists who say that Trump was committing high treason meeting with Vladimir Putin, I think that discredits their point. I think they should stick to pointing out the obvious. When they go extreme, it makes people say, 'I will not listen to you.'"

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