GOP’s Peter King: Ted Cruz Helped Obama Win Debt Fight

‘I think President Obama should send Ted Cruz a campaign donation’

Rep. Peter King: Cruz ‘Helped Obamacare,’ Obama Should Give Him Campaign Donation (Mediaite)

Republican congressman Peter King is still frustrated with Ted Cruz‘s crusade against Obamacare, and on Fox News Saturday he actually argued that by triggering the government shutdown and taking the focus away from the health care law’s horrible rollout, he’s actually helping the health care law and President Obama should thank him.

King still found it baffling how Cruz could have ever thought the Democrats would cave, and this “really ended up being just like a charge of the light brigade for us.” He said this was an unmitigated disaster for not just Cruz, but the entire Republican party, warning “it’s going to be permanent damage if we don’t disassociate ourselves.”

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