Chuck Todd to Sen. Warner: Is Trump Asking Russia To Find Hillary’s Emails ‘Evidence of Collusion?

Warner: ‘We’ve got further witnesses we’re going to interview’

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CHUCK TODD: I want to know actually what you’d learned new, and you said you learned a lot new in this. And one of the things I want to ask you about is, in the indictment, we learned that on the same day, on or about July 27th, that these Russian intelligence agents attempted after hours to spearfish for the first time emails associated with Clinton’s personal office and the Clinton campaign. And this happened on the day of this infamous sound bite from then-candidate Donald Trump, July 27th, 2016.


PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: Russia if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing.


CHUCK TODD: Was this a new piece of evidence to you, Senator Warner?

SENATOR MARK WARNER: Well, it appears a rather strange coincidence that the very day that Mr. Trump calls on the Russians to hack into Clinton emails, well, the Russian spies actually try to take that action. And remember, that, that call for the Russians to act came a few weeks after Donald Trump, Jr., his son, his son-in-law, his campaign manager, had all sat down with Russian agents in the Trump Tower, where the Russian agents had offered dirt on Hillary Clinton. Clearly, you take that, you take the efforts to reach out to Trump aide, Mr. Papadopoulos, where Russians were offering dirt, there is a pattern of behavior here that I think, at the end of the day, I hope Mueller gets to the bottom of. 

CHUCK TODD: All right, you brought up the Trump Tower meeting. In fact, we learned about a new piece of, of the timeline in the Trump Tower meeting. In between when the meeting happened and when it was set up, the Russian operatives set up a website called, literally the day before the Trump Tower meeting. Perhaps that was a way of a proof of what they had to the folks they were meeting there. Is all of this, July 27th and the Trump Tower meeting, and what we’ve learned now, is that circumstantial evidence of collusion?

SENATOR MARK WARNER:  Again, I’m going to leave those conclusions to the public, leave those conclusions to seeing what else Mueller has in terms of this investigation —

CHUCK TODD: What about you? Does that look like collusion to you?

SENATOR MARK WARNER: And frankly — what I’m saying, Chuck, is we’ve got further witnesses we’re going to interview. And one thing we do know, just within the public domain, clearly there were a lot of folks affiliated with the Russian government reaching out to a whole series of folks within the Trump orbit, trying to offer information to — discriminating and bad information about Clinton. And again, just based upon Donald Trump Jr.’s response, where he said he was pretty anxious to get that kind of information.

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