Schiff: Trump Views Putin as His Benefactor and Trump Is Nothing If Not Grateful for that Help

‘Trump can’t contain his admiration for Putin’


SCHIFF: "It could be a coincidence that the Mueller team puts an action the same date in the indictment but can’t be a coincidence they put the time of day. Why is that significant unless you’re comparing it to the time Donald Trump made that statement. And I think it shows another thing, Jake, and that is the Russians had to wonder whether this intervention on trump’s behalf, whether it might be rejected by the Trump campaign. Certainly if John McCain had been the nominee, Russian intervention on McCain’s behalf would have been rejected by McCain and hurt the Russians. Here they get a clear signal from candidate trump today, they waste no time in trying to provide that help. I think going into this meeting, within the next 24 hours, trump can’t contain his admiration for Putin but more than that, trump views Putin as his Ben factor. Putin intervened, Russian military intelligence officers were not acting on their own. Putin intervened to help trump and trump is nothing if not grateful for that help."

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