CNN’s Toobin: Russian Meddling Was a ‘Major Initiative and It Worked; Donald Trump Got Elected’

‘The investment that Russia made in this project was extraordinary’


TOOBIN: "I think, having read a lot of indictments in my time, this is unusually detailed. And one reason it’s unusually detailed is that this case is unlikely ever to come to trial. These defendants will not be extradited from Russia. They will not come here voluntarily. So there will never be a testing of these charges in a courtroom. But because of that, I think Mueller and his office wanted to say, look, this is what happened. We’ve heard for more than a year from the intelligence community, that there was Russian involvement in the 2016 elections. But it’s only today that we’ve seen this proof. We’ve seen such details. And the thing that really struck me in reading these details is that this must have cost Russia millions of dollars. The investment that Russia made in this project was extraordinary. When you see how many people were involved, for how long, how sophisticated. Using dollars, using bit coin. It was a major initiative and it worked. Donald Trump got elected president."

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