Morning Joe Says Trey Gowdy Is a ‘Dweeb’ and GOP Is ‘Pathetic’

‘But we can get a committee hearing over these texts’


DEUTSCH: "I was screaming at the television. Every time they came to a Democrat, we're having a meeting here, yet we can't get a committee meeting on anything after kids are killed by guns in schools. We can't get a committee meeting when kids are being ripped from their parents on -- but we can get a committee hearing over these texts. Shame, on these pathetic Republicans, that's an FBI agent. Also in his texts disparaged Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. By the way, every judge, every FBI agent, every police officer, every congressman, every -- has a bias. It doesn't mean they bring it to their job, and this man -- everybody votes. Every single person in public office has --"

(Via NewsBusters)

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