UK PM: ‘We Want to Deepen’ the Cooperation Between the US and the UK

‘No two countries do more together than ours to keep their people safe and prosperous’


MAY: "No two countries do more together than ours to keep their people safe and prosperous. We want to deepen that cooperation even further to meet the shared challenges we face now and in the years ahead. This morning President Trump and I visited Sandhurst where we saw a demonstration of joint working with between British and American Special Forces. Just one example of what is today the broadest, deepest and most advanced security cooperation of any two countries in the world. Whether it is our pilots deterring the use of chemical weapons in Syria or defeating Daesh, our soldiers are at the forefront of NATO’s presence in eastern Europe, our navies in the Pacific enforcing sanctions on North Korea or our unparalleled intelligence sharing partnership, thwarting attacks." 

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