Kay: Trump Made It Exponentially Harder for May to Keep Her Gov’t Together

‘I don’t know whether Donald Trump during that Sun interview was thinking I want to get rid of Theresa May and have Boris Johnson’


KAY: "Whether Theresa May survives this whole Brexit ordeal, we don’t know, but Donald Trump certainly hasn’t helped her during the course of that process. This has been an incredibly sensitive week for the Prime Minister, domestically, politically at home, and the President has just made it exponentially harder for her to try and keep her government together over these Brexit plans. I don’t know whether Donald Trump during that 'Sun' interview was sitting there thinking, 'I want to get rid of Theresa May and have Boris Johnson, who I know and like and have this empathetic relationship with, I want him to be the prime minister.' He did say that he liked Boris Johnson, that he would make a great prime minister, also not the kind of thing you usually just say when you’re about to go visit the actual prime minister." 

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