Agree with Trump, It’s Actually in The World Interest The US Has a Good Relationship with Russia

‘I think trump and Vladimir Putin will have a similar kind of view of each other’


MORGAN: "I talked to him about letting me put in once. It was actually very instructional I think for Donald Trump. I’m sure it will be a similar technique. They went into a room together and they were 50 people in each side, everyone posturing and trying to score points. I left him there and he was a hard guy, and we go at each other verbally. But at the end of it we would agree in points of agreement. And he said, ask me how many times he didn’t keep his word? He said he always kept his word to me. I think trump and Vladimir Putin will have a similar kind of view of each other. They are both very tough guys. They may well get rid of everyone and have one on one and I think they will do the same. That’s the kind of trading that Donald Trump has done for 50 years. I think Vladimir Putin would remind him of the business deals he’s had to do all his life. I agree with trump’s basic premise which is nonwithstanding all the noise around Russian collusion and so on, but it’s actually in the world interest that the United States of America has a good relationship with Russia. If that means that Vladimir Putin and trump can facilitate that in these two hard guys can reach some consensus and are not at war with each other, that’s a good thing. We won it so lastly the meeting with a clean."

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