Matt Miller: These Are All ‘Conspiracy Theories’ Strzok Was Biased Against Trump

‘The actions he took during that campaign were actions that did nothing at all to hurt then candidate trump get elected to the presidency’


MILLER: "For all these accusations against him, for all these conspiracy theories that he was biased against then-candidate Trump, now President Trump, if he really wanted to take action to hurt Donald Trump, he could have picked up the phone and called any reporter in the country in the fall of 2016 and exploded Donald Trump’s campaign and probably prevented him from becoming president of the United States by exposing the investigation that they were conducting and by exposing some of the facts that they had uncovered. He didn’t do that because it was his duty as a sworn F.B.I. agent not to do that. So for everything that he said in his texts and for all his personal opinions, the real point, when you step back from all of this, are the actions he took. And the actions he took during that campaign were actions that did nothing at all to hurt then-candidate Trump get elected to the presidency."

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