Sheila Jackson Lee to Strzok: ‘We’re Wasting Time... I Believe You Love America’

‘I think you’re a credible witness’


JACKSON LEE: "In addition, we’re wasting time doing the Clinton investigation rather than investigating the role that Russia played in the 2016 elections. Anonymous and unassailable testament is that the Russians helped Trump over Hillary and intended to harm her. And the judgment of the Republican Control Senate intelligence committee, they agree with that assessment. Unfortunately, the president and House Republicans do not agree. The leader of Russia is known to have sanctioned murder of dissidents, jail journalists, and this is the president who is described as easy to meet with. Neither the Judiciary Committee or the Oversight Committees investigated the president’s indicating that he can pardon himself. So here we are, Mr. Strzok, to ask you questions. I saw you in the closed session. I think you’re a credible witness and I believe you love America.”

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