Strzok on Prioritizing Russia over Hillary, Weiner’s Laptop: ‘Director [Comey] Told Me To’

‘The first reason is because the director told me to’


NADLER: “Thank you. And is that why you thought it important to prioritize — and I think it was in October 2016, the Russia investigation and leave Mr. Wiener’s laptop to somebody else you asked to look into it?”
STRZOK: “The first reason I did it is because the director told me to. It was a top priority which is relayed from him and AD Priestap, and the second thing was, yes, clearly when you’re looking at allocation of resources based on the threat to national security, the Russian influence on investigation had much greater impact than a mishandling of classified information investigation.”
NADLER: “Thank you. But the first reason is because the director told you to?”
STRZOK: “Yes, sir.”

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