The Donald Dishes on Gay MSNBC Anchor Who Will Host Miss Universe Pagent

'I think you probably feel very similar to me; we can go over there and maybe make a difference'

Deal with the Devil? Donald Trump Tells Thomas Roberts His Marriage Still Not Legit (Mediaite)

MSNBC anchor Thomas Roberts recently announced, in a heartfelt op-ed, that he pursued and nabbed the Miss Universe hosting gig that Bravo’s Andy Cohen gave up due to anti-gay laws in Russia, where the pageant will be held. On Friday morning’s MSNBC Live, Roberts interviewed pageant co-owner Donald Trump, and although Trump professed a desire to “make a difference” on Russia’s anti-gay laws, he also told Roberts that his own views on marriage equality have not changed.

The raft of anti-gay laws in Russia has prompted boycotts of Russian products, and calls to boycott the 2014 Winter Olympics, but Roberts explains in his op-ed that he wanted the job hosting the pageant in Moscow because it will give those being persecuted a measure of hope:

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