Watters on Warren’s Native American Claim: ‘She Looks About as White as Dana Perino’

Guilfoyle: ‘Dana is the real deal’

WATTERS: "I will start with the D.N.A. Situation a couple weeks ago we had our little D.N.A. Tests and all got them down I was 99.9% European and .1% subis a heroin African. That would be like if I went into college and claimed I was auto minority in order to get a leg up in the admissions process. Kind of in a way what Elizabeth Warren is being accused of doing at Harvard as a professor. I don’t know if she has any native American blood, her grandmother says she might have had Indian blood. I’m not sure. There is only one way to prove it looking at her she looks about as white as Dana Perino."
PERINO: "I was 100 percent European."

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