Antonio Sabato Jr.: No Country Under Socialism Has Ever Worked

‘It would be great if the Democratic Party would actually work with this president’


SABATO JR.: "Socialism has never worked in any country, my family escaped it. No country under socialism has ever worked in will ever work especially in the United States of America. Has no place in this country whatsoever. It would be great if the Democratic Party would actually work with this president, because at the end of the day we are trying to make America great, keep a great, do what's best for the American people, not what is best for the party, the leaders of the party, but what is best for Americans. They are waking up and they are saying that we do not want to go for this anymore. It is a false light, we will vote Republican, because the Republican Party cares for the American people. That is the most important thing for me. Elect people who actually care and love this country."

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