MSNBC’s Melvin to Candace Owens: ‘Thank You for Being Civil… All of Your Tweets Are Not Civil’

‘You’re welcome to come back’

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MELVIN: "Candace Owens, there are lots of voices in this country and we like to give all voices an opportunity to be heard. So I thank you for coming on."
OWENS: "I like you, Craig."
MELVIN: "Oh --"
OWENS: "Thanks for having me."
MELVIN: "Thank you, Candace. So it's -- you’re welcome to come back."
OWENS: "Absolutely."
MELVIN: "Thank you for being civil."
OWENS: "Yeah, of course."
MELVIN: "I’ve read some of your tweets. All of your tweets are not civil, Candace. So it's --" [crosstalk]
OWENS: "Sometimes we punch back, that’s all."
MELVIN: "We’ll get -- we'll get to that next time."
OWENS: "Next time."

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