Ben Cardin: Trump’s SCOTUS Pick Will Give Corporate American More Power Over Consumers

‘We’re talking about changing the balance, giving corporate America more power’


COSTA: "Senator, Democrats are talking a lot about the way that the core can move to the right on different social issues, but what about on economic and corporate issues, are Democrats going to have an argument against the eventual nominee on that front?"
CARDIN: "Oh, absolutely. We’re talking about changing the balance, giving corporate America more power over consumers, we’re talking about the rights of workers being compromised by the Supreme Court, we’re talking about a Supreme Court that will not follow precedent, that has an agenda, the list that's been prepared for the presidents comes from a group that has an agenda. That's what at stake here. So it's more than just one issue. It's the whole direction of the court to -- to follow what the president wants rather than what the American people need."

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