‘CBS This Morning’ Blames Global Warming for Heat Wave: ‘Correlation with Climate Change’

‘We have really good, strong understanding that there’s a correlation between climate change ... and extreme hot’

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KING: "Do we really have reason to complain?"
QUINN: "We have really good, strong understanding that there's a correlation between climate change --"
KING: "Right."
QUINN: " -- And extreme hot and extreme cold. Remember, we just came out of a year where we had snow in April.
KING: "In April!"
QUINN: "That's what happens. It's all about the flow of the jet stream. The jet stream separates hot air from cold air, okay? The cold air is north of the jet stream. The hot air is south. It flows like a side curve, look a sideways S. When it peaks, okay, when you get that big ridge, it fills in with all that warm air, well, what happens is in climate change you get higher peaks and lower valleys. It's not like you just get hot temperatures all the time. You also get the cold, cold."

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