Cynthia Nixon: I’m Fighting for ‘Soul’ of Democratic Party, We Can’t Just Be Anti-Trump

‘I’ve started running, we just need to keep talking about the issues’

Nixon: I’m Fighting for ‘Soul’ of Democratic Party, We Can’t Just Be Anti-Trump (The Washington Free Beacon)

Cynthia Nixon called her run for Governor of New York a fight for the "soul" of Democrats in a new interview, saying the party can't just be anti-Donald Trump and calling Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D.) "what's wrong" with New York.

Nixon, an actress and left-wing activist, has never held elected office, but she has fixed her sights on Albany in her bid for the Democratic nomination against powerful incumbent Cuomo. He is seeking a third term in office.

"This race, as with so many of the races around the country, I think are really a fight for the soul of the Democratic Party," Nixon told Erin Moriarty on "CBS Sunday Morning." "We need a Democratic Party that is giving people something to vote for, not just something to vote against. You can't just say, ‘Vote for me because I'm not Donald Trump.'"

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