Krauthammer: Obama Using Immigration Reform as a Weapon

‘He mentioned three things he wanted to do, and the first was immigration reform’

KRAUTHAMMER: “I think he knows he's not going to have a good chance of getting immigration through but he thinks and he's probably right he can exploit this for the mid-term election as a way to gin up support for the democrats to portray the republicans as anti-immigrant, anti-Hispanic, etc. So for them I think he'll push hard on it. He’s not going to be in the middle of the negotiations over the budget and that would allow him to go out into the country and to make immigration, I think, his big cause. On the budget, I do think they are going to try to do a small deal. To trade, you know, some relief on the sequester. But I’m not sure Obama is going to give them or going to allow the Democrats to give in return structural reform which is what you need."

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