Chuck Todd: The Fox Echo Chamber Is Hyping the Takeover of the Democratic Party by the Far Left

‘Hey, look, the far left is taking over the Democratic party’


TODD: "So is the Sanders wing of the party having an impact on the Democratic party and its politics? Sure. Progressive candidates in safe districts like Ocasio-Cortez will likely be serving in Congress this time next year. And wins do equal momentum for the movement. The left’s success is also certainly being overhyped. And Fox echo chamber is helping that cause as well. They want to claim to moderate voters, “Hey, look, the far left is taking over the Democratic party.” But in the places that matter most in 2018, it’s actually been a good year for the so-called Democratic establishment. When we come back, End Game and those nationwide protests over immigration, how each party sees the issue as a potential winner in November."

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