Graham: ‘It’s Not Obama’s Fault that Crimea Was Taken By Russia, It’s Russia’s Fault’

‘It’s up to President Trump to make sure that we don’t give Russia and Iran Syria’

CHUCK TODD: Let me move to another summit that's coming up. You were very skeptical when a President Obama in 2015 was about to meet with President Putin. You were worried that, that -- you thought, "No, he's going to get walked all over." And President Obama was there to confront him about Crimea and confront him about some of these things. I've got to ask you, President Trump is already hinting that he's ready to get out of Syria, that he's ready to hand him Crimea. How much concern do you have about this summit?

SENATOR LINDSEY GRAHAM: I'm glad he's meeting, but I've got a lot. It's not Obama's fault that Crimea was taken by Russia. It's Russia's fault. It's up to President Trump to make sure that we don't give Russia and Iran Syria. I'm in Turkey today. This is a strategic ally. We've got many problems, but people in this region look at us as an unreliable ally. We've allowed ISIS to rise by leaving Iraq. We've now got ISIS in a good spot, but a lot of people over here are very worried about leaving Syria and giving it to the Iranians and the Russians, which would throw the whole region into chaos. So I'm concerned by what I hear. I'm concerned when the president tweets, you know, Russia denies they meddled in our election. When they say they didn't meddle, they're lying. So I'm glad the president is going to confront Putin. Show him the evidence you've got, Mr. President, because it's overwhelming.

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